Please note that all Minutes are in draft form until approved with any amendments at the following meeting.  Copies of signed Minutes are available from the Clerk on request, for a small copying fee.

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Minutes 9th November 2022
County Councillor Report November 2022
Payments for November 2022
Balance Sheet 2022-23
Budget 2023-4 to set precept

Minutes 28th September 2022
County councillor report September 22
Payments for September 2022
Balance Sheet 2022-23

Minutes 13th July 2022
Report County Councillor for Holt Division May 2022
Payments for July 2022
Budget 2022-3 to set precept updated to 30.6.22
Balance Sheet 2022-23 for July meeting

 Minutes May 2022
Report County Councillor May 2022
Payments for May 2022

Minutes GPC Annual Parish Meeting May 2022
Report Parish Council for Annual Parish Meeting May 2022
Report Friends of All Saints for Annual Parish Meeting May 2021
Report Gresham-Methodist-Chapel – Parish Meeting May-2022.pdf
Report Village Hall Association for Annual Parish Meeting May 2022

Minutes 9th March 2022
County Councillor Report March 2022
Payments March 2022
Gresham Balance Sheet 2021-22

Minutes 12th January 2022
Payments for January 2022
Balance Sheet 2021-22


Minutes 10th November 2021
Balance Sheet 2021-22
Payments for November 2021
County Councillor Report November 2021

Minutes 8th September 2021

Minutes 14th July 2021
Payments for July 2021
Balance Sheet 2021-22
Budget 2021-22 updated to 2.7.21

Minutes Annual Parish Council Meeting 5th May 2021

Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 5th May 2021
Chair of Parish Council Report for Annual Parish Meeting 5th May 2021
Report of Friends of All Saints for Annual Parish Meeting 2021
GVHA Report for Annual Parish Meeting 2021

Minutes 10th March 2021

Minutes 3rd March 2021

Minutes 13th January 2021
Payments for January 2021


Minutes 11th November 2020
Payments for November 2020
Gresham Budget 2021-22 to set precept November 2020

Minutes 9th September 2020

Minutes 8th July 2020

Minutes 11th March 2020

Minutes 8th January 2020
District Councillor’s Report 8th January 2020