Parish Council and Councillors

Contact Details for Gresham Parish Councillors are:

Clr. Steven Smith, Orchard House, Holt Road, Gresham, NR11 8RG Tel: 07941 515981 email:  [email protected]  (Chairman)

Clr. Simon Ilsley – The School House, Lower Gresham, NR11   Tel: 01263 577558

Clr. Deborah Goodrum, 7 Castle Close, Gresham, NR11 8RH  Tel: 01263 577740

Clr. Doreen Jacobs – Norwood, Cromer Road, Lower Gresham    Tel: 01263 577573

Clr. Geoffrey Wright  – Castle Brook, Chequers Road , Gresham    Tel: 01263 577830

The Parish Council owns and is responsible for maintaining the Village Park. The Parish Council is also Custodian Trustee for the Village Hall, which is run entirely by the Village Hall Association, whose committee is responsible for the maintenance and running of the Village Hall.  Allotments are provided for parishioners by the Parish Council,  on The Routs – some smaller gardens plots and some larger plots. Under the precept, we also provide and look after items in the village, such as the seats, dog bins, grit bins,bus shelter, village sign, notice boards, and keep an eye on the general maintenance of the village, reporting to the Norfolk County Council  on matters such as footpath clearing, kerb maintenance, gulley clearance, sign cleaning, etc that need to be dealt with. Parish Councillors also receive and consider planning applications in the Parish, reporting their  observations to the Planning Department of North Norfolk District Council.  Your Councillors are happy to answer queries, help or advise and can be contacted as details above.